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Posted on 26th September 2008 by Sebastian

Spheres drawn in papert

Spheres drawn in papert

Were you one of the kids who spent their days messing around with Logo, drawing whatever odd shapes came to mind?

You can now relive the past, for Thomas Edward Figg, or tef as he calls himself on Something Awful, has made a JavaScript-based Logo interpreter. Now you can watch the Koch snowflake, the Hilbert curve or whatever else your mind happens to think up unfold itself before your very eyes — without having to leave your browser window!

So I urge you, click on any of the examples I linked before — or if you’re extremely lazy, click here:

papert – logo in your browser

If you want example code to run, I can suggest checking out the Something Awful thread on papert by the developer himself.

Posted on 22nd August 2008 by Sebastian

Seeing that I am a student of mathematics, I was very pleased to see this on Digg:

Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot is an internationally acknowledged and recognized mathematician. He originated the field of fractal geometry, and showed how fractals occur in many diverse places, both in nature and mathematics.

Dr. Mandebrot published The Fractal Geometry of Nature (1982), recognized by The American Scientist as one of the most influential science books of the 20th Century.

SCIENCE AND SOCIETY was privileged to spend time with Dr. Mandelbrot. He discusses

  • How fractal geometry help explain the problems of today
  • Examples of fractals in nature and in engineering
  • “Mathematical pictures”
  • The relationship between fractal geometry and human nature
  • The relationship of fractal patterns to human archetypes

SCIENCE AND SOCIETY – Energy, Environment, Cancer Research, Nanotechnology » Fractal Geometry – Mathematics and Nature

Nothing too mathematically complex, but still a nice bit of talk about fractals, their uses and his inspiration.

Posted on 6th August 2008 by Sebastian

So, I suppose after having started off my blog with some actual original content, it’s alright for me to share a website I was recommended once, and found myself liking, but sadly lost the address of.

I have found it again and will now share with you the site that is popurls.

The concept is simple. Gather data from a ton of big, popular sites and display it on one, big simple page.

That’s it. It’ll be sure to keep you both entertained and informed all day long.

As for me, I don’t have time to blog.

Must… click… links…