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Posted on 19th February 2014 by Sebastian

"People You May Know" on LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn has started adding people based on your email contacts to their “People You May Know” page. Just to be clear, this is people who do not have a LinkedIn account already, so attempting to add them will have LinkedIn send them a mail on your behalf.

You might note that they cleverly have made them look almost identical to how people who actually have accounts on LinkedIn, so it’s very easy to inadvertently send an invite to someone while using this page.

I don’t quite like the thought of that, so I made a userscript that removes the email entries from the listing, showing only people with pre-existing accounts.

The resulting page looks something like this:

"People You May Know" with email entries removed

“People You May Know” with email entries removed

Once you have Tampermonkey (in Chrome) or Greasemonkey (in Firefox), the script can be installed by clicking the following button:

Posted on 18th December 2012 by Sebastian

So, I have made yet another userscript; this time for the readers of the Something Awful forums. This is not my first time doing so, and I have in fact created a group for Something Awful userscripts on

This time, it’s a script that highlights posts made by friends. The script automatically reads your buddy list when you visit your user control panel, so you don’t need to do any manual maintenance of your friends list.

I had previously made the same feature for the SALR extension for Chrome, but seeing as I don’t use that anymore, I decided to remake it in stand-alone form.

The script has been tested with Tampermonkey on Chrome, but should work just fine with Greasemonkey on Firefox.


Posted on 20th April 2012 by Sebastian

So you’re a student at the University of Copenhagen, and you’re starting on a new course. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could add your schedule to your calendar, so that you could keep track of when to be where?

Well, Rasmus Wriedt Larsen has devised a website, KU Calendar Helper, which automatically produces an ICAL feed you can add to your Google Calendar or similar. You can simply input the URL to the course schedule, and it’ll do the boring work for you.

To simplify this process, I created the following userscript:

To use this script, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the SIS-page of the course you want a calendar feed for.
  2. Click “Vis skema for kurset”
  3. On the top of the page that comes up, click “Export to calendar”
  4. Follow the instructions on the page that comes up

The script has been tested in Chrome using Tampermonkey, but should work well in Firefox using Greasemonkey as well.

Posted on 12th June 2010 by Sebastian

If you’re a student at the University of Copenhagen, you’ll probably have noticed that we recently switched to new, horrendously hard to remember usernames for logging into punkt.KU (affectionately known as license plates).

In order to better cope with change, I present to you a few tools to help make the transition smoother.

Posted on 22nd January 2010 by Sebastian

I recently switched browser to Google Chrome, and one of the things I started missing from Firefox was a few of the Greasemonkey scripts I had installed.

Now, luckily, most simple extensions can be installed directly with no problem in Chrome, but a few of them sadly can’t.

One of the ones that couldn’t was YouTube Title Adder, so I thought I’d go and port it to Chrome.

Now, a few hours later, I can present you with a new, and slightly improved, YouTube Title Adder for Chrome.

Edit (2014-08-14): The extension has been renamed to “Video Title Adder”, to conform with Google’s Branding Guidelines.

Posted on 20th August 2008 by Sebastian

I’ve been fiddling a bit with jQuery for a small project of mine,* and ended up needing to position an element somewhere on the screen. This gets fiddly in CSS when you don’t know the exact size of the element, but in jQuery, it’s a breeze. At least with my little plugin. […]