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Posted on 27th May 2010 by Sebastian

These last few days, most of the people I know’ve been playing Manufactoria, a game revolving around fixing up robots in a turing machine-esque manner. (If you’re at all into programming, I suggest you check it out. Also, rate it high!)

Quickly, one starts running out of levels to solve, however, so I’ve decided to make a small collection of additional levels you can play. Mind you, I have not solved all of these myself, so the unsolved ones may very well not be solvable in the space allotted. Caveat emptor.

Posted on 24th July 2008 by Sebastian

So, while I was i vacationing in the Czech Republic this last week, I was playing a lot of DS. Among the games I played was Arkanoid DS.

First a little bit of reviewing of it; the engine is great, no excessive powerups, a great soundtrack. I believe Deceased Crab commented the best about the level design, however.

So, frustrated with the level design, as any sane person would be, I pondered how hard it’d be to make one’s own levels for the game. Not too hard, it turned out. Thusly, I here bring you a guide to make your own levels in Arkanoid DS: […]