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Posted on 18th August 2014 by Sebastian

I followed the course Computational Geometry at DIKU in the beginning of the year. For the exam, I prepared a number of exam topic dispositions.

Download PDF here

The dispositions cover the following topics:

  1. Polygon triangulation
  2. Range searching
  3. Point location
  4. Voronoi diagrams
  5. Delaunay triangulations
  6. Geometric data structures
  7. Robot motion planning and visibility graphs

The notes are primarily intended for other curious students at DIKU. If you wish to learn about the subjects, I can recommend the book Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications, which was used during the course.

Posted on 26th October 2011 by Sebastian
A Hasse diagram generated in Mathematica.

A Hasse diagram generated in Mathematica.

It’s that time of year again; the new students have started at DIKU and start their careers as computer science students with the course DiMS — Discrete Mathematical Structures, taught from the book by the same name.

Part of the curriculum is learning about Hasse diagrams, which in essence are a way of easily visualizing the relationships between different elements under a partial order.

Now, a student came and asked me about how to draw these diagrams in Mathematica, so I got some code working which did just that. The resulting diagram, is the picture used for this post.