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Posted on 12th June 2010 by Sebastian

If you’re a student at the University of Copenhagen, you’ll probably have noticed that we recently switched to new, horrendously hard to remember usernames for logging into punkt.KU (affectionately known as license plates).

In order to better cope with change, I present to you a few tools to help make the transition smoother.

Posted on 27th May 2010 by Sebastian

These last few days, most of the people I know’ve been playing Manufactoria, a game revolving around fixing up robots in a turing machine-esque manner. (If you’re at all into programming, I suggest you check it out. Also, rate it high!)

Quickly, one starts running out of levels to solve, however, so I’ve decided to make a small collection of additional levels you can play. Mind you, I have not solved all of these myself, so the unsolved ones may very well not be solvable in the space allotted. Caveat emptor.

Posted on 22nd January 2010 by Sebastian

I recently switched browser to Google Chrome, and one of the things I started missing from Firefox was a few of the Greasemonkey scripts I had installed.

Now, luckily, most simple extensions can be installed directly with no problem in Chrome, but a few of them sadly can’t.

One of the ones that couldn’t was YouTube Title Adder, so I thought I’d go and port it to Chrome.

Now, a few hours later, I can present you with a new, and slightly improved, YouTube Title Adder for Chrome.

Edit (2014-08-14): The extension has been renamed to “Video Title Adder”, to conform with Google’s Branding Guidelines.

Posted on 10th June 2009 by Sebastian

I’ve been working a bit on a Skype bot lately, and it seems about mature enough by now to be ready for a release.


You can download the bot here.

Do note that it will not run without Skype installed, and it will operate on your account. You can still use your account while the bot is running, however.

Posted on 4th February 2009 by Sebastian


If you are a student at the University of Copenhagen, chances are that you’ve had a run-in with a service called Absalon. For the uninitiated, Absalon is based on a system called it’s learning, which is a “virtual learning environment“. As a student at KU might also know ISIS, which serves pretty much the exact same purpose.

Posted on 26th September 2008 by Sebastian

Spheres drawn in papert

Spheres drawn in papert

Were you one of the kids who spent their days messing around with Logo, drawing whatever odd shapes came to mind?

You can now relive the past, for Thomas Edward Figg, or tef as he calls himself on Something Awful, has made a JavaScript-based Logo interpreter. Now you can watch the Koch snowflake, the Hilbert curve or whatever else your mind happens to think up unfold itself before your very eyes — without having to leave your browser window!

So I urge you, click on any of the examples I linked before — or if you’re extremely lazy, click here:

papert – logo in your browser

If you want example code to run, I can suggest checking out the Something Awful thread on papert by the developer himself.

Posted on 14th September 2008 by Sebastian

Surfing around the web randomly, you occasionally stumble upon some decent timewasters. This time, I stumbled upon something that was a bit better than that. GOOD COPY BAD COPY is “a documentary about the current state of copyright and culture”, released for free to the Internet by its Danish creators.

I had begun to write a small description of it myself, but I located this in the source code of the official site, commented out, and after reviewing what I’d written myself, I prefer this, so here it is:

Good Copy Bad Copy explores the state of limbo the world is in when it comes to copyright.

Western media conglomerates and rights owners desire one world order, while ‘pirates’ and cultural movements in the third world invent their own rules. Rules that even the West might have to play along with.

In a Pittsburgh living room, DJ and producer Girl Talk composes catchy pop hits on his laptop. In the span of 30 seconds he samples Elton John, Notorious B.I.G and Destiny’s Child into a new song. But, who owns the music? Who owns the artists? Piracy is booming all over the world – from Nigeria to Brazil, while Hollywood and the record industry fight to stem the tide.

Andreas Johnsen
Ralf Christensen
Henrik Moltke

I strongly urge you to click the link and go watch GOOD COPY BAD COPY, as it is very well put together and an excellent documentary overall.

Posted on 26th August 2008 by Sebastian

So, I was surfing through recently added articles on Digg (as I usually do), and I came upon something called “10 Reasons Why you Should Not Download FireFox“.

Now, being quite a fan of Firefox, I decided to read through this.

This read will not help you stop fighting with your lover over who’s doing the washing up but there will not be any questions left concerning which is the best web browser in the world. To avoid being accused of subjectivity I will give you some points that NOBODY will be able to argue with because everything in this article will be true and verifiable.

So be it, I thought, I’ll go check out those errors. For these tests, I will be using the latest version of Firefox (3.0.1) and Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13 to compare. […]

Posted on 22nd August 2008 by Sebastian

Seeing that I am a student of mathematics, I was very pleased to see this on Digg:

Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot is an internationally acknowledged and recognized mathematician. He originated the field of fractal geometry, and showed how fractals occur in many diverse places, both in nature and mathematics.

Dr. Mandebrot published The Fractal Geometry of Nature (1982), recognized by The American Scientist as one of the most influential science books of the 20th Century.

SCIENCE AND SOCIETY was privileged to spend time with Dr. Mandelbrot. He discusses

  • How fractal geometry help explain the problems of today
  • Examples of fractals in nature and in engineering
  • “Mathematical pictures”
  • The relationship between fractal geometry and human nature
  • The relationship of fractal patterns to human archetypes

SCIENCE AND SOCIETY – Energy, Environment, Cancer Research, Nanotechnology » Fractal Geometry – Mathematics and Nature

Nothing too mathematically complex, but still a nice bit of talk about fractals, their uses and his inspiration.

Posted on 21st August 2008 by Sebastian

If you have an externally hosted blog (at, say, Blogger, LiveJournal, …), you might miss the ability to have a shortcut icon, or a favicon, as it’s often called.

Favicons in action

Favicons in action

What a favicon is, in case you don’t know, is a small icon (usually 16×16 pixels), that is displayed next to the address bar in most browsers.