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Removing email listings from LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” page

Posted on 19th February 2014 by Sebastian

"People You May Know" on LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn has started adding people based on your email contacts to their “People You May Know” page. Just to be clear, this is people who do not have a LinkedIn account already, so attempting to add them will have LinkedIn send them a mail on your behalf.

You might note that they cleverly have made them look almost identical to how people who actually have accounts on LinkedIn, so it’s very easy to inadvertently send an invite to someone while using this page.

I don’t quite like the thought of that, so I made a userscript that removes the email entries from the listing, showing only people with pre-existing accounts.

The resulting page looks something like this:

"People You May Know" with email entries removed

“People You May Know” with email entries removed

Once you have Tampermonkey (in Chrome) or Greasemonkey (in Firefox), the script can be installed by clicking the following button:

Install this script

LinkedIn hide email contacts from “People You May Know”

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