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Posted on 21st August 2010 by Sebastian

When you’re a student, you’re usually on a tight budget, so the chance to get something you need at a steep discount usually falls on good soil.

Luckily, the marketing departments of many large software corporations know this, and wants to get you hooked on their applications, leaving us students very happy.

First of all, it’s worth checking if your school or university participates in the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance, or MSDNAA for short. If that is the case, you may be eligible to get free copies of Windows, Visual Studio and much more. Simply head on over and search for your school to see if you can get lovely free software. If your school does show up in the list, ask your local IT department if it’s possible to get an account. (If you study at DIKU, you can sign up here.)

Microsoft provides another way to get free software called DreamSpark. DreamSpark provides free access to lots of free development software for students at participating schools, in a manner similar to that of MSDNAA. Sadly, University of Copenhagen does not appear to be a part of this deal, but your university might be; simply go to the page and follow the instructions to log in.

Next up is OnTheHub, with which your school might have struck a deal to provide cheap software from Microsoft, Adobe, VMware and more. Simply head on over to their search page, and see if your school is listed. University of Copenhagen has a deal with VMware, for instance, which means we get free copies of VMware Workstation, among other things. In case nothing is available for your school, you can also take a look at their store, which may contain something useful.

Additional deals that aren’t quite as major, but still notable: