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KU “license plate” username changes

Posted on 12th June 2010 by Sebastian

If you’re a student at the University of Copenhagen, you’ll probably have noticed that we recently switched to new, horrendously hard to remember usernames for logging into punkt.KU (affectionately known as license plates).

In order to better cope with change, I present to you a few tools to help make the transition smoother.


A fun fact about the new license plates is that they also act as the username you use for logging into Absalon. Note that the password you use for logging in still has to be found out in a very round-about way, however.

This annoyed me a little, as I now had to memorize a very hard to remember username, since Absalon has decided that no password manager is allowed to remember logins for their site. Because of this, I wrote a small Chrome extension which allows one to store the login information. (Among other small fixups.)

In addition, Martin Dybdal has written a page-mode for Conkeror that does something similar.

punkt.KU login

Another friend of mine, Mathias Svensson, was tired of having to either remember his license plate or click through a link from the front page in order to log in to punkt.KU. As a result of this, he made a short, simple page for easy logon with your CPR-number:

Note that while I do in fact own, it is Mathias and not I who runs

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