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YouTube Title Adder for Chrome

Posted on 22nd January 2010 by Sebastian

I recently switched browser to Google Chrome, and one of the things I started missing from Firefox was a few of the Greasemonkey scripts I had installed.

Now, luckily, most simple extensions can be installed directly with no problem in Chrome, but a few of them sadly can’t.

One of the ones that couldn’t was YouTube Title Adder, so I thought I’d go and port it to Chrome.

Now, a few hours later, I can present you with a new, and slightly improved, YouTube Title Adder for Chrome.

Edit (2014-08-14): The extension has been renamed to “Video Title Adder”, to conform with Google’s Branding Guidelines.

Features are the same as the original script:

  • Labels YouTube links.
  • Adds button to allow inline viewing of the videos.

If you’re still not convinced, look at these screenshots of it in action:

Responses to.. YouTube Title Adder for Chrome


Hey this is pretty sweet. Can you write another post with all of the GM scripts you use?


This extension does not work currently.

Google Chrome 27.0.1453.93 (Official Build 200836)
WebKit 537.36 (@150101)


@Someone: Doesn’t work how? Can you be a bit more specific? 🙂 Works fine on my end.

SomeoneElse posted on September 19th 2013

Is there anyway you can make the embed load in HD or a quality of our choosing? I’ve been trying to combine extensions to get your extension’s embed to load in 720p/1080p with no success.


Sure thing. I will take a look at adding that as soon as I get some time.

SomeoneElse posted on September 20th 2013

Thank you Sebastian. It is much appreciated. I use your extension on a lot, especially on the comments pages. It is a godsend!

SomeoneElse posted on September 22nd 2013

One last thing to ask
It would be nice if the YouTube icon was to the left of the link, rather than how it is now with it to the right of the link. This way if each link is on a different line, there is a uniform place to click at the beginning of each line, rather than at the end of each line with varying title lengths and discontinuous locations. Thanks

anothername posted on June 25th 2015

Is this available for firefox? I’m no longer using Chrome and I’d be very interested in making use on firefox, please.


I personally haven’t made anything for Firefox. I’d recommend taking a look at the userscript mentioned in the post, though I don’t know whether it works well.


I have add this extension on my Opera navigator but now i can only watch video on 360p and 720p… did you see the problem ?!
help me please !!!

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