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Dynamic Skype Bot

Posted on 10th June 2009 by Sebastian

I’ve been working a bit on a Skype bot lately, and it seems about mature enough by now to be ready for a release.


You can download the bot here.

Do note that it will not run without Skype installed, and it will operate on your account. You can still use your account while the bot is running, however.


A selection of different “plugins” you can enable/disable at will.

The plugins are:

  • 4chan Plugin – grabs a random image from /b/.
  • Acronym Maker Plugin – generates a random explanation for an acronym.
  • Plugin (NEW) – returns a random quote from the quote database.
  • Cypher Plugin – lets you use miscellaneous cryptographic cyphers (currently only the Caesar cipher).
  • Dice Plugin – lets you roll dice.
  • Dictionary Plugin – allows for dictionary lookups.
  • Google ImageSearch Plugin – performs a Google ImageSearch and returns a random result.
  • High-Low Plugin – lets people play High-Low with per-chat scorekeeping.
  • Lolcat Plugin – returns a random lolcat.
  • Penis Plugin (NEW) – responds to penile discussion.
  • Porn Plugin – gives a random porn link.
  • Quote Plugin – lets you act as a quote database.
  • Random Link Plugin (NEW) – returns a random link.
  • Something Awful Plugin (NEW) – automatically tells information (subforum, thread title, original poster) about links to threads on the Something Awful Forums.
  • UrbanDictionary Plugin – looks up a word on Urban Dictionary.
  • WaffleImages Plugin – links to a random image hosted on WaffleImages, a SA-only imagehost.
  • Wikipedia Plugin (NEW) – gives a random Wikipedia link.
  • YouTube Info – automatically tells information (video name, uploader, rating, …) about links to YouTube.

Getting started

  • Simply go to the download page and follow the instructions to install it.
  • If you have trouble starting it, make sure you accept the authorization request Skype displays.
  • Enable whichever plugins you want.
  • Enter “!help” in a Skype chat window and you’ll see a list of the active commands.
  • That’s all there is to it. 🙂


    If you’re having trouble with it crashing on 64-bit Windows; try installing SQL Server CE 3.5 SP 1; it’s supposed to help.

    If you think you have a good idea for another addition, or that you’ve found a bug, then please let me know at the UserVoice page.


    Screenshot of v1.1.4.0

    Screenshot of v1.1.4.0

Responses to.. Dynamic Skype Bot

Sam posted on August 10th 2009

Thank for very much for this! really great and exactly what i was looking for. I really wanna learn how I can do this. Any idea where to start. Thanks! 😀

Christian posted on August 22nd 2009

Would you be interested in making a custom program for me that involves skype and the pay is $300. it’s a multi threaded bot application. Please let me know via email

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