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Something Awful Quote Folder

Posted on 12th July 2008 by Sebastian

Yet another day, yet another userscript for Greasemonkey (for Firefox, if you insist on continuing the chain).

This time, I’ve made a script for the readers of the Something Awful forumgoers.

Bothered by long quotes of posts you’ve already read taking up a lot of space in threads? Well, then this userscript is for you!
What it does is simply to add the ability to fold and unfold quotes by clicking the “Sebbe posted:” header — automatically folding them as a default.
Edit: This has been changed, now it doesn’t fold as a default, but it is toggleable in the menu.

If this sounds like something for you, then let’s do it like I did in my last post:

Install this script

Something Awful Quote Folding


Before folding quotes



After folding quotes

Response to.. Something Awful Quote Folder


[…] have made yet another userscript; this time for the readers of the Something Awful forums. This is not my first time doing so, and I have in fact created a group for Something Awful userscripts on […]

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