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Neopets Quicklink Userscript

Posted on 11th July 2008 by Sebastian

As you may know, I’m quite fond of making userscripts for Greasemonkey, so naturally when I was bored tonight and my brother was browsing Neopets I thought to myself:

It’s a bit annoying having to go to PPT just for the quicklinks, isn’t it?

And thus it came to be that I decided to make a quick userscript to insert the quicklinks — painstakingly ripped from PPT by my brother while I was coding, I might add! — into the left sidebar on any Neopets page!

So, without further ado, I bring to you:

Install this script

Neopets Sidebar Quicklinks


Neopets sidebar screenshot

Responses to.. Neopets Quicklink Userscript

inglebert posted on November 16th 2009

Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.

joyharry posted on March 8th 2010

ok i installed the script and tried using it. at first it worked fine. then when i edited the links adding/removing it stopped working. now it doesnt show when i goto neopets. the code now looks like:

// ==UserScript==
// @name Neopets Sidebar Quicklinks
// @namespace
// @include*
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==

// Thanks to for the quicklinks. :)

var quicklinks = new Array(
['Free Jelly',''],
['Giant Omelette',''],
['Shop of offers',''],
['Weltrude's Toy Chest',''],
['                 .-=^=-.',''], //separator 1
['Altador Prizes',''],
['Monthly freebies',''],
['                 .-=^=-.',''], //separator 1
['Fruit Machine',''],
['Coltzan's Shrine',''],
['Deposit Scarab',''],
['',''], //separator 2
['Kreludor Meteor',''],
['Healing Springs',''],
['Potato Counter',''],
['Faerie Crossword',''],
['Daily Puzzle',''],
['Symol Hole',''],
['Hide n Seek','],
['',''], //separator 2
['Safety Deposit',''],
['Newest 20 Trades',''],
['My Shop',''],
['Shop Wizard',''],
['',''], //separator 2
['Stockmarket portfolio',''],
['Shop Ads Board',''],
['Trading/Auctions Board',''],
['-=-=-=-=-=-=-',''], //separator 3
['Wishing Well',''],
['Employment Agency',''],
['Auction House',''],
['-=-=-=-=-=-=-',''], //separator 3
['Wheel of Excitement',''],
['Wheel of Knowledge',''],
['Wheel of Mediocrity',''],
['Wheel of Misfortune',''],
['Wheel of Monotony',''],
['Wheel of Slime',''],
['Underwater Fishing',''],
['Wise Old King',''],
['Grumpy Old King',''],
['Advent Calendar',''],
['Deserted Tomb','']
['                 .-=^=-.',''], //separator 1
['',''], //separator 2
['-=-=-=-=-=-=-',''], //separator 3
['End Game',''] //End Game

var nfbox = document.evaluate('//div[contains(@class,"sidebarModule") and descendant::a[contains(@href,"neofriends")]]', document, null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null).singleNodeValue;

if (nfbox) {
var qlbox = document.createElement('div');
qlbox.className = 'sidebarModule';
var qlboxtable = document.createElement('table');
qlboxtable.cellpadding = 2;
qlboxtable.cellspacing = 0;
qlboxtable.border = 0;
qlboxtable.className = 'sidebarTable';
var headertr = document.createElement('tr');
var headertd = document.createElement('td');
headertd.className = 'sidebarHeader medText';
var bodytr = document.createElement('tr');
var bodytd = document.createElement('td');
bodytd.className = 'activePet sf';
for each (var qlink in quicklinks) {
var linka = document.createElement('a');
linka.setAttribute('style','font-weight: bold');
linka.href = qlink[1];
linka.appendChild(document.createTextNode(qlink[0])); = "_blank"; //minor edit



wat did i do wrong? i dont understand why it stopped working. u can reply via userscripts (dot) org cuz i commented there 2


You forgot a few escapes, a ‘ and a ,:

I can recommend using an editor with syntax highlighting, such as Notepad++ when editing code. 🙂

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